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Yum Cha (in Sea of Po)

A collaboration with Canadian digital poet Jim Andrews, for Sea of Po, a collection of 52 digital poems. “Yum Cha 飲茶, is written in both English and Cantonese. It explores the social and cultural aspects of the practice of eating dim sum, a Cantonese brunch tradition involving Chinese tea and bite-sized dishes. The poem draws on Chang’s childhood memories of having dim sum, as a Hong Kong native. She vividly describes the bustling atmosphere of the restaurant, the variety of food on the trolleys, and the conversations among friends and family. The poem also reflects on the joy and frustration of discovering or missing one’s favorite dishes. However, living in the US in modern times, Chang is no longer immersed in Cantonese or dim sum culture. Despite loss or gain, fond memories of food and companions inspire her to cherish memories of the past. Click here to open “Yum Cha 飲茶, in a new window.

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