Flavor Frame, written for Taper #11: Parallels

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Inspired by Hemingway’s “Movable Feast,” and his quote,
“We ate well and cheaply and slept well
and warm together and loved each other.”

Artist Statement:
This poem explores parallel literary construction in poetry and cooking. Here, I try to recreate the construction of a hamburger, a relatively
inexpensive meal*. Each layer of a burger contains a seemingly disparate flavor. The burger is the frame for all these parallel tastes. Yet, together the part is greater than the whole. 

And so it is with friends in our modern world. We all live our own busy lives, but when we get together we can get something magical that makes us enjoy things a little more. This is also a celebration about my time with the Taper Editorial Collective and the Trope Tank. We all do our own thing, but bring our work close and share it. I've truly enjoyed how much we create out of disparate experiences to reflect and push each other further. 

Click on the melting cheese in order to stop time, savor the moment, and pause the poem.
Also inspired by Lupe Fiasco
Also inspired by "Words Between Buns" http://buns.life by Ian Bogost

...Text of the poem:
A burger    In order    
Crisp bottom    laid down
Chargrilled    juicy thrill    
crunchy leaves    one piece
Cheddar dream    melted cheese   
Tomato in    sliced thin
Slab onions    salt please 
Top with one    sesame bun
Grab that stack    
don‘t hold back    
All flavors    Go savor 
Parallels    so swell    
Textures    alltogether.

*The code for Taper zine entries must be less than 2kB. This results in less words being used. Thus, the verbal and virtual cost of this poem is economical.

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